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10. December, 2019.
I was organising and coordinating this special day for my cousin and I am glad we found Dierdre. Dierdre was patient, attention to detail and very accommodating with our requests. She provides a clear instruction about what is required from us and the process was easy and smooth. She is very passionate about her work and we are very glad that she was there to celebrate with us. Thanks for your help
Danielle Carolan
Danielle Carolan
10. December, 2019.
Dierdre was wonderful and a calming influence on a hectic day. She answered all our questions, and was incredibly knowledgeable about all the processes involved. Thank you for all your help on and leading up to our special day.
Scott Brockwell
Scott Brockwell
12. July, 2019.
Deirdre was everything we could ever had asked for in a celebrant. Professional but very personal at the same time. Deirdre made sure everything was to our wishes and also stay to celebrate with us. Such a warm and personable lady. I would highly recommend inviting Deirdre to host your special day. Thank you Deirdre for allowing us to be your first gay wedding. You're such a beautiful person. XX
9. May, 2018.
Deirdre is fantastic! Caring, considerate, and great fun. It would be my distinct pleasure to recommend Milestone Moments to anyone I know getting married or celebrating a life well lived.

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Deirdre was fantastic to deal with from the very first inquiry right through to our special Day. Deirdre also gave us the great idea of doing a sand pouring ceremony, which we did and included our two children. The guests absolutely loved it. Thank you Deirdre we will remember this amazing day forever. 

Candice W. 


16 Mar 2019 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a pleasure to work with your family to create a ceremony to include your two children and giving you a lasting memory of your special ceremony with the sanding pouring. So pleased your guests loved it. 

 Marita S. 

9 Nov 2018 

 Deirdre was extremely caring and supportive. She was also very professional. Apart from a few obligatory tears (for which she was prepared for with tissues) it all went smoothly. We and the guests thought it was a lovely ceremony. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

I’m always touched when couples shed a few tears. It does show how deeply the couple are connected with the meaning of what they are sharing together in their ceremony. Yours was a delight to have been a part of and a pleasure to have produced a tissue or two. You both were so connecting with the words you were saying to each other and it was lovely to watch. So pleased your guest enjoyed your ceremony. 


Jasmine S. 

2 Sep 2018 


Deirdre was exactly what we wanted in a wedding celebrant. From the moment I first called her, she was so lovely and nice. She went above and beyond to help us plan our interstate wedding in just 5 weeks. We had the perfect wedding day and the ceremony was beautiful. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a delight working with you both to make your wedding ceremony special, even though you were in Queensland and I in Melbourne. I sensed having special family members at your wedding ceremony meant a lot to you both and family and it was great that they were able to attend and share in your milestone moment. Your family was so lovely and made my job so enjoyable, making me feel like I was part of the family enjoying your celebrations after the ceremony. I wish you every happiness for your future together. 


Anurika A. 

28 Dec 2019 


Deidre was so professional and did a great job on our wedding day. The best thing about her was flexibility. And the reasonable price. Would recommend her to anyone, 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

We had great fun together preparing your special wedding celebration. And it all came together on the day with the weather being very kind to enable an outside celebration. I loved being part of your special day with your families and friends. 


Eric S. 

23 Feb 2019 


Deirdre is a wonderful person to get along with. She is very professional and provides a lot of helpful advise during the process. Everything ran smoothly on the day. Glad to have her as the celebrant. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

So pleased that our planning for your ceremony all came together on your special day. It was a pleasure to have worked with you both and your families to make your milestone moment memorable. 


Beck W. 

28 Dec 2018 


It was great, she was just really gentle and kept us calm the whole way. She took us through the process in a stress-free way and it made everything go seamlessly. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

I’m so pleased we were able to make your special day happen the way you wanted. Your two gorgeous boys as ring bearers may not have carried the rings as you had wanted but they were a great hit and added a lovely addition to your ceremony. I wish you all a blessed future together. 


Yvonne P. 

18 Nov 2018 


They were very good! She was very lovely to deal with and she updated us constantly and had a lot of ideas of what to do for our ceremony. She had a book complied of different poems and things we could use as well as personalising our ceremony to us. She was great to work with. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

Working with you both was such a pleasure to bring together your unique ceremony at such a lovely location. We had some laughs with your story as well as some emotional parts which made for a very heart warming ceremony that was a delight for me to be a part of. I wish you a blessed future together. 


Kelly S. 

18 Aug 2018 


Deirdre was easy going, really helpful and fun. If you want to write your own vows you can and we went with a section of vows she had. Deirdre helped out with our surprise wedding! I couldn’t’ speak highly enough of Deirdre! 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was so much fun being involved in your surprise wedding. Your guests, thinking they were coming to your engagement party, were very surprised when they arrived at the chapel to commence the ceremony. I wish you every happiness for your married life together. 


Karyn S. 

1 Apr 2018 


Deirdre was very accommodating right from the get go. She made everything easy and stress free for us! She helped us create a ceremony that was just ‘us’! 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a fabulous ceremony in the little old church at Nar Nar Goon. It was a real privilege working with you guys to create your ceremony the way you wanted. I wish you every happiness for the future. 


Joanna H. 

10 Mar 2018 


Deirdre was incredibly authentic. She was very professional and really seemed to understand what we wanted and was able to work with that. There was an immediate rapport with her. On the day, Deirdre was gracious with the ceremony running a bit late and although I was stressed she was waiting, she was not bothered at all. The surprise ceremony went really well. Everything was perfect! 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

I’m so pleased that your surprise wedding at the 40th birthday party went so well. The game played to reveal the surprise was exciting to watch. You created a great family atmosphere with the children involvement. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration. 


Charith W. 

28 Feb 2018 


Deirdre was very friendly and very flexible. The ceremony was great with her help. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a pleasure to make your ceremony happen the way that you wanted it to. Listening to couples desires are very important to me and being able to make it happen is a privilege that I value greatly, as it is your memorable moment that you want to be memorable for the rest of your lives. 


Nicole S. 

24 Feb 2018 


Deirdre was really patient with the little kids running around and was very patient with our surprise baby shower ceremony. She helped us with the planning. It went really well. Didn’t have anything to. She was also lovely to talk to 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

I love surprise weddings and yours Nicole and Cameron at your baby shower was fabulous! Only a very few people knew what was about to happen even when a stranger arrives with a speaker and other gear. It is always fun to experience the reactions of the guests. The reaction of your guests Nicole and Cameron was priceless. Thoroughly enjoyed bringing together your wedding experience. I wish you all the best for the up coming birth of your baby boy. 


Tony T. 

11 Feb 2018 


As my wife and I had never been married before, we were not at all experienced in what to do! Deidre gave us great advice. All of the things she told us were used on the day and left us feeling calm and prepared. The guests loved our ceremony! 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

Always a pleasure to have a couple who are very excited about their wedding and wanting it to be enjoyable for everyone involved. The location at Avalon Castle chapel gave a great setting for your lovely ceremony. 


Kyla W. 

9 Feb 2018 


Deidre was very lovely and accommodating. She answered all our questions, and concerns and was very open with us. I had no idea what I was doing and Deidre helped out a lot 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a pleasure to work with you Kyla and Ashley to give you a memorable day. The weather was a concern on the day but the rain held off and your ceremony was able to happen as you desired outside. 


Todd X. 

28 Jan 2018 


We really appreciated Diedre’s help. We loved her service. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a pleasure to work with you and Doris to give you both a special ceremony under the trees at The Willows on St Kilda Rd. Your families were very friendly to me and wanted photos. A very happy time for everyone. 


Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy   

It was a pleasure to work with you and Doris to give you both a special ceremony under the trees at The Willows on St Kilda Rd. Your families were very friendly to me and wanted photos. A very happy time for everyone. 


Dilu L. 

26 Jan 2018 


She was really friendly and easy to work with. We highly recommend her as your celebrant. Always think about what we want not the way she want to do. Thank you so much for making our day extra special Deirdre.. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

Thanks Dilu. It is always about what the couple want for their marriage ceremony. It was a pleasure to give you and Tim a special day. And your dress was incredible! 


Lorraine G. 

25 Jan 2018 


Deirdre was amazing from our first chat. The bride and groom (both 20) were nurtured through the whole process in such a kind and understanding way. Both struggle with literacy and Deirdre walked them through every step of the way, assisting to write and read their vows. Mother of Groom. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

It was very exciting to be part of the surprise wedding at the engagement party and see the reactions to the guests. I was so proud of the way they spoke and said their vows and ring exchange. I could tell they both so much wanted to enjoy the time and soak up the experience. A real pleasure to have been able to work with your family and make the wedding happen the way they had wanted. 


Jade P. 

20 Jan 2018 


Deirdre was brilliant! Excellent service.. wonderful! 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

It was great fun Jade and Steve, celebrating at your wedding. The setting was gorgeous in your own backyard. 


Elyce F. 

19 Jan 2018 


Deirdre just made everything easy, she gave us ideas to use. We wanted something simple and easy. We didn’t have to worry about anything. Spot on with communication. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

It was a pleasure to be able to give you and Justin a memorable day with your family to be able to treasure the memories. We even survived the extreme heat. You have a great supportive family who I know will be their for each other in the future. 


Michelle P. 

31 Dec 2017 


Deidre was amazing leading up to the wedding and helping us plan for our day and then on the wedding day she helped make the ceremony a memorable one and we loved the way she joined in by wearing a “Hawaiian” themed dress code. 



Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

It was great fun Michelle dressing up with bright colours and wearing leis for your Hawaiian theme under your lovely Bali hut. I loved being part of your special day and making your ceremony reflect who you were as a couple. I wish you every happiness for the future together. 


Ria B. 

11 Nov 2017 


Deirdre Fennessy was efficient. Punctual and very easy to work with. She came up with the most perfect ceremony…. made to suit us and nothing was too much trouble. HIGHLY RECOMMEND…. 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

Working with a couple who are so happy and excited about their wedding day makes my role so enjoyable and exciting. It was such a pleasure to create a ceremony that suited you both and incorporated your blended family. Thank you for enabling me to celebrate with you on your special occasion. 


Christopher M. 

04 Nov 2017 


She was very accommodating and fulfilled all our needs. We had a pretty standard script. We were very happy with Deidre’s service 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

I loved working with you, Tomoko and your delightful family to give you a special day. You may have had a simple ceremony but your lovely garden setting and traditional Japanese outfits made it a very unique and personalised experience that will give you happy memories. 


Trish G. 

15 Oct 2017 


Cannot recommend highly enough!! Deirdre Went above and beyond, to help us create the ceremony that suited us as a couple, Deirdre was amazing to deal with from the moment we met her. She was always available and Prompt in responding to all of our questions no matter how mundane via Text or Email. She made the whole ceremony process personal and relaxing, and made us feel like we were the only couple she was working with. We would like to say a massive Thank you and would highly Recommend Deirdre’s services 

Milestone Moments – Deirdre Fennessy 

You both have been such a delight to work with and it has been an absolute pleasure to create your unique ceremony involving both your families. You made my role as your celebrant so enjoyable as we laughed about your story and how best to include it in your ceremony. With adding the other options of the reading and poem, it all came together on the day and flowed really well. I say thank you too for allowing me to be part of your special day. I wish you both every happiness for the future. Deirdre