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A Memorial Commemoration is a ceremony that is usually held in the weeks after a your loved one has been buried or cremated, or in special circumstances when your loved one’s body has not been able to be recovered. It is a time to honour your loved one with a eulogy, pay tributes and reflect on their life and their contribution to others’ lives.

A photo of your loved one can give a focus, or some families may conduct the ceremony with an urn of their ashes. As with a Funeral Service, music, poems, readings and a DVD presentation can add to the memories and reflection on the celebration to life of your loved one and how they had touched people’s lives. I will spend time with your family to discuss how you would like to honour your loved one and create a memorial ceremony that fittingly honours their life.

A family may also wish to have a Memorial Commemoration on the first anniversary or later anniversaries of the death of a loved one to rekindle the memories and aid the grieving process. This can help to keep alive the special place the person had in their lives and help the younger generation to connect with the person and their story.

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