Funeral Celebrant Fees

We help you plan the farewell of a loved one.


How much are funeral celebrant fees on the Mornington Peninsula?

At Milestone Moments a standard ceremony is $550, please continue reading to find out how the process works and what is included.

Overwhelmed and not sure where to start..

Grief can hamper your ability to think clearly. Start by giving me a call and I’ll be there to hold your hand.
You need someone to help plan a ceremony….
a ceremony that will reflect the life of your loved one.

You need someone to help plan..

We have many ways of telling and enhancing the story of your loved one. Through the eulogy, poems, photo/video presentations and tributes.

We make it easy for you to prepare the eulogy and preparing the ceromony

I will be there to provide guidance and support during this difficult time.

I'm here to listen to your memories

The passing of a loved one is a more sombre milestone moment of life. Saying goodbye to our loved ones can be immensely difficult and stressful. A Funeral Service is usually held as soon as is practicable after death, depending on the circumstances around the passing. Using my compassionate spirit and caring attitude, I will guide you and your family to help plan a ceremony that reflects the celebration of the life of your loved one, and assists you to say good-bye and start the grieving process of life without your loved one.

How we tell the story of your loved one.


We schedule a call to confirm funeral details.


We have a family meeting where I listen to your stories.


We plan your ceremony full of your ideas and best memories.


A draft is written and sent to family for review and to perfect.


I will deliver the ceremony with compassion and empathy as we say goodbye.

Ways to commemorate

Do you want to celebrate life of your loved one or just have a low-key farewell?

Whichever way you want to say a final goodbye by either celebrating a fulfilled life or just a simple sendoff, I’ll be able to plan the right ceremony for your loved one.

Do you need someone to write and deliver a Eulogy for you?

Just too hard for your family. I can glean some interesting information and stories from a family meeting and create a Eulogy and deliver at the ceremony.

Do you want a scattering of ashes ceremony?

After a cremation, an option is to scatter the ashes at a special location desired by the deceased or the family. A fitting farewell of giving your loved one’s remains back to the earth or water from where they came from.

Our Farewell

A final farewell to a precious person needs to be done your way with empathy, dignity and compassion. With my caring spirit and compassionate personality, I will support you and give you this farewell.

Ready to begin?

Let’s have a meeting with family members and chat about your desires for the funeral or memorial ceremony, of those special moments, stories, idiosyncrasies and memories about your loved one so that I can create the most appropriate ceremony for you.

More Details

The celebration of life can include music that echoes the desires of your loved one or enables you to reflect on the memories you have had together. Poems, readings or even a DVD presentation are also lovely ways to remember and pay tribute.

Relatives and friends may want to deliver a eulogy or make some personal remarks and tributes on their experience and stories of life together. I will meet with you and your family and listen to your stories and together we will plan the details of the Funeral Service. I will be there to provide guidance and support at this difficult time, ensuring the ceremony is a special send-off for this more difficult milestone moment of life.

Prior to a Funeral Service, I am able to lead the recitation of the Catholic tradition of the Rosary.

Contact us today to discuss our fees & services for commemorative ceremonies to see what my services include for your personalised ceremony.

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